Stretch Ceiling

Product Introduction.

The traditional methods for ceiling solutions in the Nigerian market right now are POP, PVC ceiling and suspended ceiling, and not so popular – wooden ceilings. These methods come with a number of disadvantages with include heavy weight on the building, messy process of installation, ecological unfriendliness, they are fire
enabling and emit unsafe and unhealthy emissions. But these problems, to the customer are nothing compared to the problem of rigidity in design. POP comes in colour white and can achieve a limited number of 3d forms while suspended ceiling and traditional PVC come with almost zero design capabilities.

Ceilings and walls are as important to set the tone of a space as the layout of the space itself. Everybody wants a little unique twist to take centre stage of their home or venue, whilst giving your interior space a cutting edge and one of a kind design for any mood
and occasion. Everybody appreciates a personalized space. Individuals want their homes to represent them, corporate organizations want their spaces to represent their brand effectively, hotels and bars want to be able to make their spaces interesting and attractive. Everybody is in need of a space that passes a message, that carries and ambience of who you are and what you represent.