3D PVC Panel

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3D PVC Panels

3D PVC panels are the first category product that BOBU completely independently developed and research which is made of eco-friendly material – PU (polyurethane), the surface of PU can be made looks like real stone, wood, brick, and so on, and any colors can be painted, for installation, we developed our own patent installation hardware, it’s very easy to install and DIY by users themselves. The unique merit of 3D panel is it’s re usability with its good quality that maintain 15-20 year lifetime as guarantee.

Size: 50cm x 50cm or 30cm x 30cm
Fire-proof and heat insulation
3D spacer fabric structure
Easy to install
New patented product
5 times high strength than traditional formed cement(3D GRP core reinforced)
100% fireproof (made from cement and fiberglass)
Ultralight weight(foamed cement)
Can be composited with different surface panels
Easy Reliable Installation

3D PVC panels are ideal decorative material for interior wall decoration and wall designs. Our white PVC Panels are made out of 100% natural materials. The beauty part of it is that they are easy to install. This helps transform walls into elegant looking inspirational white, so that you get to experience joy and peace in vibrant whites.