3D Wood Panel - Gigi - 3D Board / 3D Panel Wallpaper for Sale

What is 3D Wall Panel / 3D Board?

3D wall panels are innovative wall materials that become more and more popular in modern and contemporary wall decoration, this kind of architectural wall panels are made from new type of polymer composite material PVC or bagasse (the fibrous residue of sugarcane), processed by Germany molding technology production line, they are environmentally friendly and 100% recycled. With many different fashionable and creative textures wall designs, 3d wall boards are leading a new wall revolution and changing people’s living styles. 3d wall tiles are ideal decorative wall materials for office, exhibition room, flagship store, lobby, living room, bedroom, bathroom etc.
Alias: 3d wall tile, 3d wall board, 3d wall art, 3D Panel Wallpaper.

3D Board / 3D Panel Wallpaper for Sale

Chuvie Decor has a different variety of wallpapers, either you want a damask for the living room, stripe for the hallway or a floral for the bedroom. We are committed to having something perfect for your dream home. We have different range of plain wallpapers just to complement many of our different sections of design.By combining bright colors together gives a vast a dramatic expression on the walls , you will able to find out the perfect wallpaper colour which fit for your dream home.
Properties of 3d wall panel

3D wall panel is a fashionable modern design gives an extra dimension to your walls; it is a very light wall tile that you can easily stick them on the wall with regular glue. 3D wall art wall panel is also an eco-friendly, moisture proof and fire resistant materials.

Features and advantages

a) Textured surface with strong three-dimensional visual impact
b) Can be applied in both interior and exterior environment.
c) Durable, fastness and anti-ultraviolet light, long lifetime up to 3 times than aluminum or ironic material.
d) Fire resistant, water proof and eco-friendly
e) Easy installation with uniform edges
f) Easy to clean, maintain and remove
g) Easy to delivery


3D wall panels / 3D boards are great solutions to ugly, stubborn problematic wall, door or any surface that needs covering in both interior and exterior environment.
In interior wall application, 3d wall art wall panels can be applied as living room TV background, sofa backdrop, company logo background, bedside wall, bed headboard, kitchen wall, theme wall background, kids room, walkway, living room wall, bedroom background wall, dining room wall, front step wall, study room, bathroom wall, bar fronts, theme wall background etc.
In exterior wall application, 3d wall tiles can be applied as alfresco wall art, sign backdrop, retail store wall, sign board, column, outdoor Counter, garden screens, commercial and residential wall, etc.

According to the Specification:

300 x 300 mm




Prices are per Square metre

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