Installation Guideline: 

Pre application

Make sure the surface you’re applying the panels is flat and smooth. Any major dents, holes, and damages to the wall must be repaired before installation. Make sure that the area is free of dust, dirt, and debris.

Using adhesives

Due to fact that we have so many designs, the amount of adhesive and the location and areas you’re applying to will vary. The general rule, is you want to make sure the all four sides have at least a strip of adhesive applies, and a little extra in the four corners. If you have a panel, which has a flat surface that flushes will the wall, feel free to add some on those areas for extra strength.

Applying panels to the walls

Make sure when placing the panels onto your surface to use equal pressure, making sure the put pressure especially on the corners. Once it’s on the surface, you can align and level it to the panels surrounding it.

Cutting the panels

The panels are very easy to cut, so you can have the absolute right size. After taking the measurements and making sure everything is marked right. Using a straight edge, trace your cutting line on the back of the panel. Once you have the cut marks, using a utility knife and straight edge score the panel on the line. Repeat this process a couple more times, getting deeper and deeper each time. You can keep doing this till you cut all the way through or you can snap the two pieces apart. Some of the edges may be rough, so take some fine grain sand paper and file it smooth.

Post Application and Clean up

Using a wet brush or shop towel, run it along the seams of two panels to remove any extra adhesive that had come up. Clean the surface with a slightly damp rag. Take a paintable joint compound or caulk and fill the seams. Clean up once again with a wet brush and smoothen it out the joints with your finger. Clean the surface of the panels and now they’re ready to be primed and painted if need be.

Priming and Painting

Apply a primer to installed panels using a spray or brush method. (We recommend spraying the paint on using a gravity feed sprayer and air compressor). Let the primer dry before doing anything else. Once dried feel free to paint it with anything your imagine wants.